Why Partnering With The Best NOC Service Provider Is Beneficial For The Business?

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November 29, 2021
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In this day and age, every business depends on IT infrastructure to deliver products and services that they earn money from. That’s what makes the availability and performance of IT infrastructure a high-risk game because even a small disruption can have a huge impact on business proceedings.

Network Operations Centre (NOC) is a centralized location from where  IT teams continuously monitor the performance and health of a network.  A NOC is the first line of defence against network disruptions and failures. NOC service providers spend the whole day overseeing infrastructure equipment, wireless systems, databases, firewalls, network-related devices, telecommunications and dashboards so that any anomalies can be detected or prevented in real-time.  

Some NOC companies also offer other services like integration with customers network tools, monitoring of customer calls and help desk ticketing systems. In this way, NOC can also play a part in improving the customer experience.

A NOC can either be in-house or it can be outsourced to an external company that has expertise in network and infrastructure monitoring. 


Here are some of the benefits companies can get from outsourced NOC services

24×7 SUPPORT: The common issue with in house monitoring systems is the delay in detecting and resolving network issues.  These issues can occur at any time even after office hours.

NOC service providers have a team of engineers who will provide  24×7 NOC  monitoring  7 days a week.

SAVES MONEY: Running a NOC means having to keep up with the latest technology.  NOC costs can increase dramatically when it comes to tools, processes and personnel.  Monitoring tools also need to be constantly updated as new technology is deployed.  Add to that the cost of training your staff to use these tools.

Running an in-house NOC means that you will need to hire specialists to provide the expertise which will shift the focus from your core business by using up resources and funding that could instead be used to meet your strategic goals.

BUSINESS FOCUS: Outsourcing your NOC services will allow you to focus on what you do best while still getting the high infrastructure that you need.  It frees up vital IT resources to work on projects relevant to your business goals rather than spending their time chasing infrastructure issues.  Having a NOC also reduces administrative costs.

NOC service providers are dedicated to the task at hand.  They have the expertise, tools and capabilities to deliver what you need.

This all adds up to better response times and proactive support when it comes to dealing with infrastructure issues.  The net result is a reduction in downtime and revenue losses.

SCALABILITY: Outsourcing your NOC will allow you to scale rapidly. As your business grows, you will need to upgrade your infrastructure.  An outsourced NOC will quickly respond to your changing needs to accommodate growth spurts and support new business initiatives. Their experience and tech focus means that they will be more dynamic than your in house NOC. They will also help you speed up your time to market as you keep introducing new products.

Concordant tech provides 24×7 outsourced monitoring services. We eliminate your workstations, servers and network issues using a proactive recovery model.  Here are some key offerings of our NOC monitoring services:

  1. Dedicated project managers and SPOC for individual client accounts
  2. Maximum roll as compared to an in house NOC team
  3. Easy integration with your existing set-up
  4. Flexible service level agreement
  5. Adherence to protocols determined during the onboarding process
  6. Remote IT support, vendor management, security and compliance management, and backup management
  7. Widest range of IT consulting and back-office support services