After-Hours NOC Support

We’re Vigilant during your off production hours, so you have peace of Mind!

After Hours NOC Monitoring San Francisco

Providing IT support for your customer’s network whilst you are away.

If you are not monitoring your customers network 24 by 7, there will be a delay in response time during your off production hours which will hamper your business credibility and business growth on a long run.

“Our after-hours alert monitoring service is reasonably priced and will meet your exact business requirements” – We understand that you may not need 24 by 7 coverage and the higher costs associated with that, hence you do not need the full-fledged service as you have a fulltime in-house team to take care of your MSP requirements.

However at the same time your MSP do not work 24 by 7 and you only get to the alerts the next day morning, alerts that are pending from a night before, sometimes leading to extended downtime for your customers. “Typically in this situation our After-hours support would be a perfect fit to meet your business requirements and maximise uptime for your customers”.

If you are looking for someone to monitor alerts during your off production/off business hours, our after-hours support will be the right solution. With our after-hours support you not only have the feasibility to monitor servers 24 by 7 but also know the fact that a capable and dedicated team is taking care of alerts whilst you are away.

12 hours of alert monitoring each day. Throughout the month.
SLAs – Response time within 5 minutes.
Alert validation and Complete Remediation
Ticket escalation to appropriate resource via phone
Reporting of all critical alerts via phone to designated resource.
Setup your systems to send us alert notification for any 12 hours of the day.
Our NOC After-hours support team will monitor and triage the alerts within 5 minutes.
Login Credentials for your tools – We need access to your RMM to connect to the remote machines and PSA to document tickets.
NOC team will validate all the alerts and close the invalid ones.
NOC team will provide tier1 support for all valid alerts.
If valid alerts not resolved by tier1, it will be escalated to designated resource.
NOC team will provide phone call notification for all critical alerts.
All tickets will be completely documented and will contain each detail verified by NOC and possible things to check.
About After Hours NOC Services

Benefits of Our After Hours Support

  • Complete Peace of Mind. You can rely on us and can provide complete coverage to your customers 24 by 7 even whilst you are away.
  • Maximise uptime for your customers.
  • Your team will have to run through fewer tickets when they are back at office.
  • Flexible and customized service levels and customer satisfaction.
  • Flexibility to choose any 12 hours of the day.

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"When you operate a modern business IT network, you need a team of professionals who offer great support. With ConcordantOne Tech, that’s precisely what you get. Our support engineers work with your existing systems, goals and business strategy to develop solutions that fit your current needs. No longer do you have to make do with generic IT solutions: our team forms a unique relationship with you, helping you to better manage your operations"

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What is Outsourced after-hours NOC monitoring?
Outsourced after-hours NOC monitoring involves hiring a third-party service provider to oversee and manage a company's network operations during non-business hours. This ensures continuous monitoring and support for critical network systems and applications even when internal staff is not available.
Why is after-hours NOC monitoring important for businesses?
After-hours NOC monitoring is important for businesses as it provides round-the-clock surveillance of network infrastructure, enabling prompt detection and resolution of issues. This active approach helps reduce time, maintain productivity, and boost customer satisfaction, ultimately safeguarding the company's reputation and revenue.
What services are typically included in after-hours NOC monitoring?
After-hours NOC monitoring typically involves services like real-time monitoring of network devices, analyzing performance, detecting and responding to incidents, updating systems, and security management. This ensures that businesses have round-the-clock surveillance of their network infrastructure, enabling quick detection and resolution of issues even outside regular working hours.
How does after-hours NOC monitoring differ from regular monitoring?
After-hours NOC monitoring differs from regular monitoring by focusing specifically on overseeing network operations outside of standard business hours. Regular monitoring, on the other hand, happens during normal working hours when everyone is on the job. It provides uninterrupted surveillance during nights, weekends, and holidays, ensuring continuous network uptime and support.
What types of issues can after-hours NOC monitoring detect?
After-hours NOC monitoring can detect various issues such as network outages, performance degradation, security breaches, hardware failures, and software glitches. This active monitoring helps in identifying and resolving issues before they escalate, minimizing the impact on business operations.
Is after-hours NOC monitoring customizable to fit my company's needs?
Yes, after-hours NOC monitoring can be customized to fit the specific needs of each company. We at Concordant One Tech offer customizable packages based on factors such as the size of the network, industry requirements, budget constraints, and desired level of support.
How does after-hours NOC monitoring contribute to network security?
After-hours NOC monitoring contributes to network security by actively monitoring for suspicious activities, unauthorized access attempts, malware infections, and other security threats. The keen oversight helps to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data.