Network (Cyber) Security Monitoring Services

What is cyber/network security monitoring?

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Cyber security works to shield a business’s IT networks and assets from both external and internal threats. Cyber security monitoring is the process of protecting computer devices, networks, data and software from being attacked through digital means. The threats are designed to gain unauthorised access to sensitive data and alter or destroy the information to cause financial loss to the business.
A major part of small and medium-sized businesses become victims to these threats and can be forced to shut down. Our cloud backup solutions for small business uses a variety of technologies, tools and processes to coordinate across all information systems, create a strong backup and minimise the risk of cyber-attacks and unauthorised access to the systems.

How does cyber security threat monitoring work?

The cyber security monitoring services at Concordant are designed specifically for each company based on their goals and requirements. We provide multiple layers of protection against threats so the business, employees, processes and technologies are able to seamless work together. Our cyber security systems function efficiently and are able to detect, investigate and resolve potential loopholes and vulnerabilities in the network before they can be attacked by a hacker or malicious software.

We make use of endpoint security tools that enable security visibility at the host level, so the cyber security teams can detect the threats earlier. The network security monitoring technologies by Concordant aggregate and analyse security logs from a wide range of sources.

Why is security monitoring important?

  • Around the clock network security monitoring services: As technology advances, threats and vulnerabilities are becoming more and more unpredictable and sophisticated. Traditional means of security monitoring are not adequate to tackle aggressive attacks. Our extensive cyber security monitoring services extend way beyond compliance monitoring to protect businesses against proactive threats and downtime by in-depth evaluation of the existing security measures. The team of engineers at Concordant are always on their toes and use real-time threat intelligence to provide 360-degree protection against threats.
  • Controlled security threats: Organizations are always exposed to some level of security threats via malware, hackers, unfaithful employees or their vulnerable devices. Such threats are always unpredictable and usually unexpected making it difficult for organizations to shield their networks against such threats. Constant monitoring enables the business to remain shoulder to shoulder with organization policies and comply with legal requirements.

The challenges of in-house threat monitoring

Organisations are always under some kind of security threat. This leads to our network security monitoring technologies generating a large volume of alerts daily. Filtering these bulk alerts to identify the legitimate ones can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. This may result in important security events being overlooked. Setting up in-house threat monitoring can prove to be cost-prohibitive. Moreover, the in-house team will be ineffective in working after office hours, leaving the systems and networks unprotected. Outsourcing the remote monitoring solutions will monitor the networks 24x7 detecting and tackling any possible cyber attacks.

Why choose Concordant One tech

Concordant One Tech provides cyber security monitoring and defends companies against modern and advanced cyber security threats and effectively consults them through a proven tried and tested security model that ensures 100% security compliance. We manage compromise in security in several ways, including:

  • Curating an all-around monitoring strategy based on risk assessment and company requirements.
  • Monitoring all the systems, devices, networks and services 24x7 to ensure full security coverage.
  • Identifying unusual trends or compromise in security promptly by keeping an eye on both inbound and outbound network traffic.
  • Identifying accidental or intentional unauthorised misuse of sensitive data by monitoring user activity.
  • Keeping a record of all the activities and events and creating alerts to inform the companies on any possible security issues.


Q). How do network security monitoring services lower security risks?
Network Security Monitoring works on the collection of data to perform detection and analysis. After the collection of a large amount of data, network security monitoring services use this data to generate statistical data to further create statistics useful for detection and analysis.
Q). What are the benefits of cyber security monitoring?
Cyber security is crucial to ensure that the system is always available and operating efficiently. Having network security monitoring services reduces the downtime and ensures that everything is working at an optimal level by constantly testing it on a frequent basis.
Q). How does good network security monitoring help to boost business?
Cyber security monitoring limits the damage done to a business due to cyber-attacks and increases the productivity of the employees, boosting the growth of the business. A managed network security monitoring service provider handles all the technicalities involved in a network allowing employees to better concentrate on their core job tasks.