Why cloud solutions and services are essential for small businesses?

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Cloud Solutions and services for small business

Defining cloud computing

In cloud computing, instead of storing data on a hard drive or local storage device, your company’s data, programs, and applications are stored on a remote server which allows your organization to access that information online from literally anywhere. It can be used to store files, conduct communication, and host websites. 

What exactly would cloud computing be used for? 

Enterprise and small businesses can store a gigantic amount of files and corporate data in the cloud, they can back up their entire working system in the cloud, and even host fully functional web applications in the cloud.

What are the advantages and benefits of cloud computing?

Data becomes more accessible

As long as your workforce is connected to the internet, they can access literally any set of data and any software programs from anywhere in the world without any friction and with the utmost efficiency – one of the biggest reasons for using cloud computing infrastructure and cloud solutions for small business. You can store data, retrieve data, edit data, download data, backup data and run the software right from the cloud. Cloud solutions for small business also helps in conducting professional communication through a diverse range of cloud-based applications.

Scalability and growth becomes more convenient

At the moment, your business might be small but someday, hopefully, it will expand exponentially into a big business. Cloud solutions for small business can speed up your business expansion process. Sometimes the growth of your business necessitates software with additional features and functionalities such as adding new users, Cloud services for small business poses technical capacity to seamlessly integrate them for a nominal usage fee.

Cloud is cost-efficient

Opting for cloud computing for nominal fees is a cost-effective strategy for many small businesses because they don’t need to incur the cost of setting up their own independent servers and dealing with maintenance issues. 

Is cloud computing cost-effective?

Minimizes the hardware space requirement

The cost associated with building, securing, and maintaining an in-house server is large. Such servers also consume larger spaces and even larger capital allocation for the long term. In cloud computing, the hosting company i.e. the Cloud solutions for small business owns, secures, and maintains the necessary infrastructure-related hardware and software. Such cloud solutions solve the physical constraints problem for small businesses.

Provides flexibility and mobility to both onsite and remote teams

The fact that cloud computing services are accessible with any device from different locations at the same time – as long as the necessary security measures are taken into account – makes it a far more convenient system to work with when compared to the traditional desktop environment. The Cloud services for small business and their infrastructure provide flexibility with respect to hiring and working operations. Your organization attains ease of working with everyone from anywhere.

Decreases time and effort

An increase in overall efficiency always saves the time spent. With cloud computing, access to stored business-related data becomes quicker. Cloud-based software and systems become faster. Such increased processing speeds make employees feel productive and decrease the wastage of time.  

Ramp-ups productivity of your operations

Cloud computing boosts productivity because no time is wasted in updating software, saving documents, or loading crucial web pages as well as distributed workforce management becomes convenient. 


For small businesses, the investment in Cloud solutions for small business and cloud infrastructure will prove to be of immense value in the long term especially for their future operation. Setting up cloud computing infrastructure is the right step in the right direction that can optimize, protect and help grow small businesses. 

Concordant one tech equips small businesses with its innovative cloud infrastructure services that are more scalable, reliant, and cost-effective approaches towards managing corporate files and data by maximizing their retention and by easing their accessibility aspect. 

We tailor our services based on your requirements and our experienced professionals take care of all the technical aspects related to the infrastructure setup from migration to administration to maintenance.