24×7 Outsourced NOC Monitoring Services

Preventative, monitoring, maintenance & supervision round the clock! Guaranteed Uptime!

At ConcordantOne Tech, we are here to provide you a holistic and definite solution to put an end to these constant IT woes. The very idea about having managed IT support services is to eliminate the last moment break fix work, and remediate issues with your precious IT assets, say your workstations, servers or network devices, using a proactive recovery model. Our continuous disaster forecasting and remediation system identifies and alerts any possible outage or issue with your IT assets, prior to it striking and causing unnecessary panic and frustration. This ensures that your organization is up and running without being plagued by those pesky IT worries, allowing you to be worry-free and focus on the stuff which you do best and matters to you!

It is pretty certain that most of the modern businesses heavily rely on technology to drive their daily operations. Right from emails, managing and storing the corporate data, VOIP phone systems and a lot more functions within an organization. So it’s pretty imperative for these instruments to work as they are supposed to, or else it starts hindering productivity and seamless operations of an organization. If you are reading this and happen to be operating a business or an MSP who happens to manage your client’s IT, you would be having your fair share of horror stories when the IT infrastructure comes crashing down. This eventually leads you to try to patch those loose ends reactively. But well, we know that such a hasty and half-baked break-fix solution doesn’t last quite long, does it?

Your advantage by leveraging our Outsourced NOC services

With our affordable and flat pricing model, you could rest assured that we won’t be providing empty platitudes or overcharging you for the NOC services you won’t be availing. The very beauty of our managed IT infrastructure services is that we have a 360 degree approach towards managing your IT, and look under every “rock” in the network, to make sure all the pesky issues are eliminated and everything works optimally, promising minimal downtime. We provide you with a straightforward pricing plan which is easy to your pocket, yet reliable and uncompromising in terms of quality. Moreover, we also do provide you the option to tailor it as per your business needs. No matter how technically challenging the IT problem might be, we would get that fixed, for the same flat price. So it’s a win-win for you and your business. No more hassles and complete value for what you are paying.
If you are an MSP or a business operator from any vertical, one of the biggest worries that constantly plagues you is DOWNTIME! Yes, the much-dreaded word, which exponentially affects your business’ ability to be productive and eventually generate revenue. That ain’t a very pleasing experience, is it? Well, the whole idea of IT Help desk outsourcing worries to us to eliminate these constant challenges. Our outsourced NOC services allow you to work without interruption from technical issues and be efficient. Our constant monitoring and maintenance ensure that you could offload these tasks and focus more on exploring uncharted frontiers which gives you the ability to scale your business horizons. Sounds interesting?
We all know that disaster strikes when you least expect it! Can’t really do much about it but gulp it down like a bad medicine, and find a makeshift solution to get things up and running and maintain your business’s homeostasis. Well, such a temporary solution might be an easy way out, but well, that certainly ain’t the bulletproof fix, is it? Our highly motivated and skilled team at ConcordantOne Tech, makes sure this is not the case, and would go to the final extent and make sure your network issues are fixed for good, and we MEAN that! Our managed services pay for themselves in terms of your IT uptime, thus saving those precious dollars which might have been lost if your systems went down. Isn’t that a fair deal?

Key highlights of our service offerings

  • Dedicated Project Managers and SPOC for individual client accounts
  • Maximum RoI as compared to maintaining in-house NOC team
  • Easy integration with your existing setup ensuring zero disruptions
  • Independent of technology, tools, resources or systems in place within your company
  • Highly flexible Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is meant exclusively for you
  • Hierarchical support that focuses only on your IT systems uptime
  • Rigorous adherence to protocols determined during the on-boarding process
  • Formal change and incident management process for synchronized operations
  • Remote IT support, Vendor Management, Security and Compliance Management, Back-up Management
  • Widest range of IT consulting and back office support services

NOC Service Features

  • No minimum devices, No Setup cost
  • True 24 by 7 alert monitoring and remediation.
  • Monthly payment, per device pricing.
  • Multi-level escalation support
  • Dedicated NOC team and Account manager
  • Multi-point Quality control
  • Fully integrated White Label NOC services

NOC Benefits

  • Up to 60% reduction in operational expenses
  • Under 2% alert escalation rate
  • 75 % first touch resolution
  • Access to a wide range of skill sets
  • Managing strict SLAs using our services
  • Increased profit margins and high cost-to-benefit ratio
  • Scaling your business without adding additional staff.

Types of NOC services we offer

  • White-Labeled NOC services–This is a kind of managed service wherein you as an MSP own the RMM and PSA tools, and our NOC team leverages your tools and platform to provide service to your existing clients. This includes common alert monitoring and remediation, RMM and PSA improvements and consultation, assistance with platform integrations and the ancillary NOC duties. However your clients would be completely oblivious. Hence, you as an MSP, could build or extend your present outsourced NOC services operations with our virtual experienced NOC team. We offer dedicated NOC exclusively for your MSP.
  • Semi-integrated NOC services – This would be a perfect package for one-man shops and someone who’s starting off with the MSP business and doesn’t really have the expertise or the resources to buy full-fledged RMM and PSA tools, in-house. What we essentially provide here is our in-house RMM and PSA/ticketing platforms, which you could leverage and use with our Semi-Integrated NOC, providing you the opportunity to scale up your business whilst we do all the regular NOC mundane tasks for you. We use some of the industry-leading tools and technologies for providing 24/7 NOC monitoring services and remediation solutions. So you get the opportunity to focus on obtaining and managing your clients whilst we take care of managing your clients IT needs.

If you are a Managed Service provider and if our NOC services offerings meet your requirements or your business needs, we would be more than happy to answer your queries!

What More? It’s a fixed per device cost service available with month to month billing.

Why Outsourced NOC Services?

A network operations centre, also known as a NOC, refers to a centralised management system where IT networks are tracked 24x7. NOCs are important in an IT organisation that works with high-availability networks applications, websites and servers, and need constant surveillance, troubleshooting and support for optimal performance.

At Concordant One Tech, we offer dedicated NOC monitoring services applicable for corporate giants and non-profit organisations alike, which would involve working in a data centre, an office or a specialised NOC facility.

Why Should You Outsource NOC Services?

We believe that a business has several tasks to handle, and NOC services should not be one of them. In the case of an IT system crash, one risks the loss of precious assets, servers, workstations and network devices. On the other hand, outsourced IT support services retrieve important data through a disaster forecasting and remediation management. Thus, NOC support services system alerts the staff about potential network outages, which would give the company the time to prepare for such accidents. Once such minuscule IT issues are under control, the business can focus and perform better in maximising productivity, value and profits.

NOC service providers use infrastructure monitoring technology for high-system availability, which works on pre-designed business metrics. The outsourced NOC monitoring system, thus, predicts a possible network outage and prevents it from happening. It simultaneously and continuously monitors your network’s health along with servers, firewalls, websites, routers, applications, Wireless Access Points, switches and LAN/WAN/MAN facilities.

You Can Count On Us For 24x7 Service!

At Concordant One Tech, we believe that servicing our customers is what we work for. Our professional team is available at our IT helpdesk services to supervise your IT infrastructure. Our 24x7 NOC services track and resolve errors to save time, money and effort. Apart from the same, we offer insightful reports on the improvement of your Network Operation Centres services business model in consultation with managed service providers (MSP’s), SaaS and cloud providers. You can count on our skill, knowledge and experience for network monitoring, ticketing software and industry regulations to perform better business every day.

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