Outsourced NOC Services – Reduce it Costs and Increase Effectiveness

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Outsourced NOC Services

NOC stands for Network Operations Center, which is a centralized location from where support services like network devices, servers, storage, and backup, are provided from remote monitoring and management of customer networks by IT engineers. 24×7 NOC monitoring is vital for the smooth operation of the companies so that the customers are provided 24/7 uptime.

The NOC monitoring services monitor the endpoints across the infrastructure by using specialized monitoring tools. They also do the primary troubleshooting to resolve the issues and also contact the next level of engineers to help rectify the issues.

Let us now see why companies should prefer outsourced NOC services instead of an in-house team.

Cost Of Resources

If you have an in-house NOC monitoring team, you will have to increase the overall expenditure of your business since you will have to provide salary, increments, attrition, replacement of resources, and other company benefits. But in the case of outsourced services, you do not have to worry about this because the NOC service providers will possess all the resources required for multiple projects and hence will be able to manage attrition and replacement in a much faster way. All of this results in a significant cut-down in the costs of resources.

Cost Of Technology

Another way in which outsourced NOC services help in reducing the expenses is by cutting down the costs of technology that is required to buy and maintain the monitoring tools, which are very expensive and also require periodic upgrades. Outsourced services provide better support costs and specialized resources so that the technology is managed efficiently.
Provide Flexibility And Scalability

Outsourced NOC service providers provide a flexible and scalable model that is exclusively based on the company’s requirements.

To Sum Up

NOC monitoring services ensure that there are minimum disruptions and increased availability of critical services which are necessary for a company’s growth, by working 24/7 to check if the systems are functioning as required and are easily available.