O365 support solutions 

Office 365 support solutions to schedule backups, real time monitoring, end-user support & IT team members support

We will manage every aspect of your Office 365 support needs, giving you the peace of mind that you can focus on those other aspects relating to your business. With our support your team never makes errors in their work again. Our trained team can give your employees the skills they need to work with the Office 365 software at their disposal.

The cloud centric pay-as-you-go model has enabled organizations of myriad sizes across the globe to migrate and leverage this scalable consumption-based cloud model to harness the maximum potential of their IT ops. Office 365 solutions and suite is the perfect platform to jumpstart your business and maximize the ROI on your IT costs, so that you actually get the fullest return of what you are investing.

Concordant One Tech provides you the right set of industry expertise to transition, migrate, deploy, and administer the entire office 365 suite, across various scale and magnitude. Our team boasts years of professional experience in office 365 solutions consulting, training, deployments and migration.

Hassle-free Office 365 Migrations

Concordant One Tech, is a Microsoft Partner and specialize in Office 365 Migrations. Our migration process will move your emails, contacts, calendar to Office 365. This migration syncing occurs behind the scenes and your free to keep working while we migrate your data.

Our team makes sure that you have a smooth and seamless experience with our state-of-the-art expertise and assistance, ensuring minimal downtime for your business and productivity. We strive to deliver an experience where everyone, right from the users to the IT administrator have capability to self-provision and self-service their individual needs.

Concordant One Tech eliminates migration and on-boarding hiccups, redefine your business processes, and helps you achieve better control of your company’s data by offering office 365 management and protection online services for administration, compliance, data governance, reporting and file share presentation solutions.

These are some of the solutions for Office 365 which we could assist you with

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