How Outsourcing NOC Operations Lowers IT Costs And Improves Productivity?

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Outsourced NOC Services

Network downtime can have far reaching consequences on the revenue and customer satisfaction. In 2019, a study by IHS markit revealed that network downtime is costing businesses $60 million annually but is there anything that can be done to prevent network outages?

One solution to use NOC Monitoring Services. This services is provided by a Network Operations Center(NOC) which is a centralized location that provides companies with network monitoring and incident management support through information technology infrastructure library(ITIL) best practices. The benefits of using a NOC Service is that it minimizes downtime and improves network reliability and performance. In addition, it can also help companies lower their IT costs. It can do this in the following ways.

It Is Affordable

By cutting costs, you can boost your bottom line and pass on savings to clients which can be beneficial for any company regardless of size. Add to that, the numerous benefits it can provide for your IT team and it easily become one of the most significant investments you can make.

A good way to reduce costs is by outsourcing daily tasks like NOC monitoring. Businesses have always resorted to outsourcing for cost savings and it is no different with outsourced NOC Services. According to a survey, for companies that have used third party service providers, the increase in ROI and cost savings has been on a average of 28 percent.

It Reduces Training Costs

When a company decides to outsource certain work, then there is no need for hiring new employees. There is also no need to arrange training programs. All the work will be handled by experts in that field which will lead to better efficiency and quality in the work.

You Have Greater Control Over Costs

All business operations are driven by costs and overheads. Cost reduction is one of the main benefits of Outsourced NOC Services. Sensitive outsourcing in all sectors including IT aligns with business goals, addresses gaps in skills and resources, provides flexibility to scale when required without the overhead costs of additional staff resources.

First identify the expertise or resource constraints by defining and prioritizing vital business and IT functions. You can then begin outsourcing but prioritize the extra resources required to achieve your broader business goals so without spending on a fully staffed and resourced NOC, it is possible to scale up the ICT environment.

Avail 24×7 Support

NOC Service provider offer 24×7 support that prevents and mitigates damaged caused by cyber attacks. This is vital for businesses today as cyber attacks affect almost all industries and even internet service providers are being targeted. NOC Service Providers continuously monitor your network to spot issues and offer solutions before it causes irreparable damage which optimizes network uptime. By managing traffic during peak hours, NOC’s manage traffic flow and reduce downtime.

Concordant One Tech is a technical consulting and support company. We provide you with a holistic and definite solution to end your IT woes. Our disaster forecasting and remediation system identifies and alerts you about any outages or issues with your IT assets before it strikes and causes panic. This ensures that all the processes in your organization runs smoothly without being affected by IT issues. You can then focus on what matters to you the most-your business. By using our NOC Services, you get flat pricing and predictable support, decrease in downtime and reliable service delivery.