Remote Monitoring and Management Services

What are remote monitoring services?

Remote monitoring refers to the process of maintaining and monitoring network devices of an organisation remotely. It allows businesses to administer tasks and manage endpoints all from a centralised console. Our remote monitoring solution involves keeping track of all the activities of the users from a centralised point. It helps companies monitor the endpoints managed by an organisation 24x7 with the help of continuous compliance checks and reports. It collectively combines all the activities dealing with controlling and managing endpoints including setting up devices over the cloud, troubleshooting problems and protecting business data from spiteful attacks.

How does remote monitoring work?

Our around the clock network security monitoring and management services act as a backbone for various organization’s IT infrastructure. Our team of experienced professionals monitors your network’s status continuously to diagnose, detect, and resolve all the problems immediately without hampering your day-to-day activities. Our remote monitoring services are suitable for a variety of platforms. This ensures that your network not only functions properly but also provides a smooth user experience. Our 24x7 NOC services (network operation centre) are designed to keep an eye on all the network devices, routers, switches etc operation ideally with the help of trained network administrators and operators. Easily manage and diagnose your virtual, physical and even hybrid cloud server infrastructures while ensuring minimal server downtime and improved reliability with our prompt RMM solutions.

Why is remote monitoring important?

Concordant One Tech’s remote monitoring solution equips your organisation with a suite of continuous monitoring and reporting features to strengthen your IT management capabilities. There are a lot of other ways in which having reliable NOC services can benefit your business and its reputation.

  • Minimised server downtime With RMM solutions from Concordant, a team of highly experienced professionals will always keep a track of the health and status of your network and devices from a remote location. This will allow you to identify and resolve issues with minimum downtime.
  • Reliable security Using our network security monitoring you can set up strong security policies and monitor your endpoints 24x7 to prevent potential threats, malware attacks and data breaches from attacking your system.
  • Increased productivity The employees can work more hours efficiently without interruptions and system failures with the minimised downtime and constant updates in their systems to the latest software. This will boost your employee’s overall performance and productivity.

Why choose Concordant One tech

A company can perform its best when it has a strong IT Infrastructure that never fails.
Our top-quality rmm solutions and NOC services have been our top priority over the years to ensure a stable and reliable IT infrastructure for our client’s networks, servers, applications, websites etc., ensuring that their core deliverables are met at all times. With Concordant’s high-quality and all-around support, you can rest assured of eliminating the risk of revenue and credibility loss. We provide remote monitoring solutions so you can enjoy significantly improved ROI and extensive cost savings.