Guarding your network day in and day out – After Hours NOC support for MSPs

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September 3, 2015
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October 23, 2015

After-hours NOC
The nature of today’s business and work spaces has become such that it is not possible to bear losses of even the miniscule of time. These losses reflect in the profits you could generate in over a period of time as well as hamper the functioning of your everyday business routines and credibility. However, the given human capital we have it is always not possible to monitor the network services after the normal workday has ended or after business hours.
Consider few of these real life situations to get a clear understanding of the scenarios-

  1. There is a huge project that the company is working on, and suddenly at 4 am in the morning there is a threat detected in the networking system that could hamper the performance of the project to a great level.
  2. Your customers live in a geographically remote area and because if the time lapse they had to wait all night for you to wake up to restart a critical service that have been down since hours.
  3. The customers had to suffer from huge losses due to no alert notification or server problem and the trust that you have built for all these years starts decaying away and could not be rebuild again.

In order to avoid all the above problems in real life situation, you need a network service provider who could look after your customers once you are off the radar. These services are now offered by ConcordantOne Tech in the whole new package known as After hours NOC that ensures that the business of your company does not suffer from unwanted losses in your absence. It could help you maintain the brand imagine in this competitive world as well save the company from solving major crisis situations. It could be a great help for the entire staff as well as your customers as they will not have to wait for longer hours for help. These services are not provided at exorbitant prices, so everyone who cares for his business could avail these services.