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October 17, 2015
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October 26, 2015

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remote network monitoring services
ConcordantOne Tech has been integrating technologies with the work spaces at both national and international levels that has taken care of the nitty gritty of everyday problems and come up with innovative solutions that fits well with the local context of the corporations. With our extensive research base and networks with the global technical experts we have been successful in establishing a brand name that assures quality services at the mot transparent and accountable terms(with utmost transparency and accountability). Remote network monitoring services helps your business to grow exponentially by reducing the technological losses and speeding up your work function to a much higher level. In the age of governance where digital India has become quite a phenomenon and focus of the present government, it is very important to be aware of the latest and the best technical support and management services for your network infrastructure.
The epicenter of ConcordantOne Tech lies in providing remote network monitoring services to key network equipment – such as your servers, firewalls, routers, workstations in your firm and enhance their performance. With the support of latest technology and expert opinions, we are able to monitor the IT infrastructure of your firm vigilantly for 24b*7*365. Server monitoring service and maintenance helps you to detect a problem or threat even before you could know and reduce the potential damage it could cost later. This could save your valuable time, money and other resources that can be well utilized in enhancing other productions, operations and focusing on higher revenue projects.
The advanced levels of troubleshooting options we provide will help you not only get a clear sense of what is creating disturbances in the networks operating in the setup, but will provide with easy solutions to them as well. ConcordantOne Tech uses RMM tools for remote network monitoring services such as Max Focus (GFI MAX), Labtech, Kaseya, Nable, & Naverisk. With the available IT infrastructure you possess, it becomes very important to analyzethe performance of these setups. We provide timely calculated and professional standardized reports on a weekly or monthly basisto all our customers which are intended to give a detailed idea about the overall network health. We also provide analysis report&recommendations that are focused on improving network performance which could be incorporated by the firm given their budget priorities. We also help our customers with the RMM tool improvements and custom scripts.
The best advantage of associating with ConcordantOne Tech is their immense experience about their field which enables us to understand the local demands and respond to them conveniently. We have succeeded in impressing our clients and setting our services apart with the efficiency of our knowledge base and the innovation with which we utilize the available information and infrastructure to maximize profits & uptime.
We monitor the network with a Remote Monitoring Tool that is designed to send us communication in the form of alerts when any device or operational activities reach their thresholdsin terms of their functioning.Timely response to these immediate crisis situations have been our forte since quite a few years now with stringent SLAs. We also set thresholds to monitor disk capacity, CPU utilization, server performance, windows patching, AV scanningand memory usage to ensure the network performs in an optimal fashion at any given time.
Also, as part of our Server Monitoring services, we provide all customers with a monthly status reportand weekly review calls.