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Questions to ask before you sign up for NOC services
May 15, 2015
Guarding your network day in and day out – After Hours NOC support for MSPs
October 17, 2015
NOC Services

NOC Services

The world is getting smaller and smarter with technology weaving in the threads of people’s lives and work together. The economic growth that we are currently progressing in, requires individuals and firms to be highly efficient and technology savvy. In domains like finance, banking, education, health, telecommunications, manufacturing, defense, retail, etc. Network Monitoring Outsourcing services not only help you to manage the huge database of information available in the safest and secured way but also monitors and speeds up the functioning of your overall IT services. We understand your business needs and its dependencies which function 24/7/365, which manages your local as well as global clients. Our efficient and proactive management of your network infrastructure is handled by our team of experts, global marketers, technology innovators and research experts which are dedicated to keeping track of the latest advancements in the global network service provider services and give you best results.

Our NOC solution provides with multiple options like data backup, data center management, IT support that could accommodate your ever increasing demand of data expansion, planning, designing and management of services, migration and hybrid services, etc. We have one the best technical support and infrastructure to help you achieve maximum uptime and smoother service delivery during the toughest of times with complete backup of your data and infrastructure. The NOC services that are provided by ConcordantOne Tech are one of the most reliable, secure and cost-effective support in accordance with industry compliance and best practices. This leads to significant cost-savings which reduces your capital expenditure. This enables your business to curtail the in-house operational expenditure, giving you a better Return on Investment. Our state-of-the-art solution has got you covered during the most disastrous situation with agile response time and proactive monitoring. We value our customer satisfaction more than anything and attending to their demands, making sure the services we deliver is finely tailored for your specific needs.

We do deliver 24/7 availability and proactive monitoring for all your networks, along with quick remediation for any alerts generated. We provide a high level of security to your data and help you maintain high standards of protection and e-governance for official and individual purposes. We are well versed with the development of program and tools and technologies that are aimed at performance monitoring and providing updates to the management regarding fault lines in the system which can be taken care on time. We make sure to leverage the best of network protection tools to keep your infrastructure highly secure and devoid of any possible threats and infections. We offer two types of NOC services, i.e. fully integrated and semi-integrated that vary in magnitude and support and can be used differently according to your business-specific needs.

NOC services enable you to build an enhanced system of networking devices that is not only fast and efficient but also keeps your system up and running so that you are more profitable and productive. The design can be integrated with any kind of available infrastructure giving you the ease of use and highest returns on investment.