NOCs complaints with Labtech RMM

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December 9, 2015
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While working with multiple MSPs, there has been one constant complain that has been persistent about the noise coming from the Labtech RMM. (Even with Ignite). In spite of the fact, there are many MSP owners who have successfully got things well setup and are very happy with the Labtech RMM tool.But for the ones who have recently started using the tool, it is important for you to understand that it takes some initial time and patience to get things sorted with the Labtech RMM Angostic NOC. It is a powerful tool and requires steep learning curve which you should be ready for if deciding to go for Labtech.It is quite obvious that thefine-tuning and tweaking of the system will go on as you keep learning about it, but it won’t take as much time as compared to the initial work you put in.And once when you explore more about the tool the tweaking process will come in easy and rewarding.As compared to the other RMM tools, Labtech has some great integration options and is going to be a steep learning curve. LT has different terminology and navigation and is very versatile and customizable, though it can be hard to get used to it initially. LT has the best automation and scripting. But in order to get the most out of the tool one has to understand the features and the benefits that LT has got to provide. The patching and monitoring with Labtech tool is again brilliant. LT and CW integrations are again outstanding.

But despite all the best things LT has to offer, there are few things that has to be raised with the Labtech RMM-

  • 1.App Load time:As a MSP you just have to login in your own control center, but as a NOC services that has to serve multiple MSPs, we have to login to multiple servers from the control center. In this process a lot of time is consumed, so every time when a tech changes from one LT to another, a lot of time is consumed again.A web login is suggested many a times but that lacks many important useful features with which Control center is loaded. And the important part of the control center is you can fix issues without interrupting the end-users.
  • 2.Remote Control:Of all RMMs that have been used, Labtech has the worst remote control. It does not matter where your Labtech server is hosted. Remote sessions are quite slow. Most of the time it is difficult to connect. It seems quite a waste of time and money.
  • 3.Documentation:The documentation is inadequate as well.The search on the KB site is not that great too. Chances are, if you face a problem with your LT instance, you won’t find resolution online either. It seems that the support team does not focus a lot on documentation. By providing some solutions public will definitely reduce their work load to an extent. Obviously not everyone would need such a support and guidance, but for the benefit of a majority of users it would be really helpful.

Few other things to point out about LT, like UI or navigation. And how you need to have IIS running on your windows server to host Labtech.

We must agree Labtech is a very powerful tool indeed, but can you make use of all that potential?

Have you tried using Labtech? What is your biggest complain? Please share in your comments.