NOC Services: A Game Changer

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February 29, 2016
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The state of any business is that which is defined by the network of the business. That is the reason why the core operating infrastructure of the business of any organization is the organizations network.Large number of IT professionals with a vast area of knowledge and a wide multitude of problem facing techniques are what a company exactly requires for its successful and smooth functioning. Even if you own a company that has its own and very proficient IT team, but still, the up time of your computers is a matter that is of the utmost concern to them and they constantly keep working upon it to maintain the health of the systems.We at Concordant One as a company that provides IT solutions, provide you the best NOC services.

What is an NOC?
NOC is a remotely located place away from its client’s destination which does the job of constantly monitoring and fixing all IT network issues that may arise from the clients end. The NOC Centre is equipped with the most advanced IT tools and network monitoring programs. These tools are used by the IT engineers, network administrators and system administrators providing the NOC services. An outsourced NOC is one that works like a defense mechanism for the network devices of the network of the client as well as the company. As a company that provides NOC services we make sure that you are made available with the best of our IT professionals at all times and round the clock.

A dedicated team of experts with their resourceful project managers and the global experience that they have are always within your reach. They keep a constant check and monitor the health of your server and other IT networks. Our NOC services for MSPS always keep focus on your business requirements and revolve around constantly providing you technical support even when you may not be present to physically monitor your network. Outsourcing the company’s IT needs is an effective method of reducing the cost and on the same hand gaining high level technology with expertise.

By providing NOC services to your company, we provide you with services that help you keep track of the up time of your systems and other applications. Our NOC services provide you with back end maintenance, problem resolution and support, so that the MSP can respond to issues as they arise and ensure client uptime. Our NOC Help desk plays a role that is more oriented and targeted towards the customer face and end user. We also monitor your network to collect that valuable information stored in the devices and generate it back to you at the time that you require it.

Out of many benefits of using our NOC services, the main one is that the data of the clients can put their data in their data centers as well. This data backup comes to the company’s rescue in times of calamity and when their physical location is destroyed. It helps them in case of any natural calamity and their physical location is destroyed. The company can easily retrieve its critical data from the server of the NOC and the operations can be started all over again in a very different physical location altogether.