IT Help Desk Support: Differences Between Internal and Outsourced IT Service Desks

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April 9, 2021
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Differences Between Internal and Outsourced IT Service Desks

When customers reach out for help, they are looking for someone to help them immediately. IT help desk services will not only be aware of this 24×7 but will ensure that your customers stay happy, any issues get sorted out and the business continues. This brings the difference between the internal and outsourced service desks. The service desk is built around a company’s internal IT infrastructure. Does every organization need reliable service-desk support by how it should be managed? Should your company be investing in an on-site solution or should it outsource to an externally managed solution?

An Internal It Service Desk

A dedicated internal IT team will help your organization to solve help desk issues from within as well as have an internally managed team that works closely with your staff. A couple of advantages of having this are:

Personal Knowledge Of The Company And Immediate Access

A dedicated IT internal team will know the company inside out and will forge relationships with other employees. They will be able to directly access any issues that employees bring to them within business hours and help them at any time as well as provide a certain level of continuity of service with no waiting involved.

On-site Access

Internal NOC services help desk employees can deal with physical hardware on-premises and can give in-person training to employees as required during business hours. The only drawbacks will be that most companies do not have the finances to keep a 24×7 IT support and so many employees either work until business hours or even late shifts which isn’t preferred. 

As a company, you are also putting a lot of time and effort into training and financing your internal IT team which means that a lot of focus isn’t going on important business initiatives like improving current systems and facilitating growth.

An Outsourced It Support Service Desk

An outsourced IT service desk can provide management, maintenance of daily tasks as well as outsourced support. 

24×7 Help Desk Support

A managed IT service desk will never go on holiday. Instead, they will be monitoring your company every hour of every day which helps to handle emergencies that may come at any time. This reduces the risk of your organization’s breaches or business disruptions outside business hours. Once your employees no longer need to focus on IT, they can free up more time and devote resources to things that will generate revenue and improve productivity like planning and innovation.

The Expertise Of A Much Larger Staff

A remote IT help desk support has a much larger team with specialists in every area, this can help to tackle certain issues within your company which you otherwise would not have been able to tackle. The only drawback is that outsourced IT teams may have trouble dealing with on-site problems like hardware as they manage everything remotely.

The Best Solution,

A mix of both managed and internal IT service desks offer the best of both worlds and allows your brand to fall back on either one in the time of an emergency.