NOC Services: How Companies are Benefited Through Outsourcing NOC

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Outsourced NOC Services

In this day and age, nearly every business depends on IT and infrastructure to deliver products and services their revenue depends upon. This makes the availability and performance of IT infrastructure a high-stakes game as even a small eruption can have a huge impact. When it comes to maintaining good availability and top performance, your network operations center or NOC services play a key role. 

NOCs, ensure security, stability, and functionality by continuously maintaining and monitoring your outsourced IT support. A capable and properly equipped NOC is very essential to ensure a successful business outcome. Let’s take a look at outsourced NOC services and why the good outweighs the potential pitfalls. 

Why Outsource?

An outsourced NOC will provide a lot or as little support as you require. They help you flex and scale internal IT resources and overcome tough challenges quicker to meet your business goals.

They Provide Around The Clock Support

The most common and unavoidable issue with in-house monitoring teams is that they may delay in detecting and resolving issues – mostly during out of office hours or on the weekend. The issues can happen at the most inconvenient times and can cause a lot of problems if not fixed. NOC monitoring services will have a team of qualified and experienced engineers available 24/7 on weekends, nights, and even on holidays – they will ensure that your infrastructure is monitored and issues are resolved fast. This helps to build resilience and improve uptime. 

Access To Skill And Expertise 

Your internal team may be skilled in a lot of areas and know the ins and outs of your brand, but NOC service providers are highly focused and have a skill set in managing and maintaining IT infrastructure and this makes them experts on the topic. They know how to apply their knowledge and experience and provide an end to end view into the health of your system. Knowing so many skills by your in-house team is often not possible as remembering so much can be a headache and operational risk.

Allow You To Focus On Business Priorities 

Despite the fact that network operations maintenance is a needed part of business, it’s often not seen as your core brand. As a result of this, infrastructure monitoring is sometimes less of a priority within your company. For your NOC partner, this isn’t the case, they remove the burden of your internal IT team and monitor and deliver the service themselves – this is their only focus, and the higher the level the more dedicated the team will be in reliability, quality of service, and benefitting both staff, clients and customers. This enables you as a business owner to focus more on your projects, your company, and your growth. 

Cost-effective Solutions 

Overhead costs are at the top of every business and one main advantage of outsourcing your NOC function is affordability. In any field, including IT, outsourcing your work to an external team that aligns with your business priorities can be done without fixed overheads of additional resources. If you pay your internal team to handle your IT there are a lot of expenses to be recorded besides salaries, like added benefits, incentives, and more, with an external team, not only if your risk is lower but you can spend more consistently. Taking a virtual NOC allows you to fully operate at full capacity and avail of the latest expertise and technology at a fraction of the cost. 

The Bottom Line

Your internal staff doesn’t need to worry about monitoring the network all the time, this will give them time to worry about other issues like desktop repair or other local phone problems. Your outsourced IT department will have a 24/7 staff, modern technology, expertise, and skill and will ensure that your business takes top priority.