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November 20, 2015
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December 9, 2015


In the digital age we are living today, the numbers of cyber crimes are on their highest percentage than ever, and this percentage is going to increase by many folds all over the world. Lack of awareness in the service providers and clients may lead to huge losses that could take millions of money, time and efforts to come back to the client. Especially when a company deals with outsourcing NOC services provider, there are huge risks one could be afraid of. With ConcordantOne Tech, you need to completely relax because of the highly efficient security team we employ with us, who are not only aware of the loopholes one could create to misuse information but also technically equipped to deal with any such serious situation which gives a complete peace of mind to our customers/clients.

Here are following few reasons that will help you understand why ConcordantOne Tech is the most trusted name among the clients/customers-

  1. We have the most dedicated and skilled IT team to monitor systems & security of your setup.
  2. We are highly efficient in managing patches for each and every computer in our loop.
  3. Theaccess of your systems for various services is done from our secure office.
  4. We try our best in protecting the systems with Enterprise AV.
  5. By employing stringent hardware and software firewalls, we ensure maximum security is ensured.
  6. Physical access to offices is strictly restricted in our offices until and unless authorized.
  7. By enforcing very strict password protocols, lockout policies and audit policies the unwanted entry of mischievous elements could be completely blocked.
  8. We disable USB ports and CD-ROMS to avert unauthorized hauling of data.
  9. We have blocked downloading and installation of software and a very stringent monitoring is done on the internet activity performed at the office.
  10. In order to make employees aware of the malpractices in the IT industry, we regularly conduct “Employee Awareness” programme and check their competencies on the same.

Staying aware of the reputation and credibility that we carry in the market built on the trust of many of our customers, we continuously update our policies and technical tools. We understand the importance of security of data and devices is the most important criteria for you and so is ours. We work round the clock with our efficient team members and keep a track of information being exchanged among the parties. Regular analysis of our work helps in reducing risks in the longer run as well.