What is IT Helpdesk Services & Why is It Important?

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April 30, 2018
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IT Help Desk Services

Call it the best of both worlds. Outsourced IT support services with 24/7 access to expertise for peace of mind. We provide all clients access to our IT help-desk services, managed by a team of trained experts on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Help desk services are necessary elements of effective IT operations and systematic recording and processing of end-user assistance requests in an effective manner are important. We leave nothing to chance.

Our help-desk services is a multi-dimensional resource, designated to help in reducing downtime in IT services and functions and making them available for the maximum time. It is specially focused on end-user functionality and thus is responsible for quick resolution of immediate needs, incidents and technical issues of end-users.

Any basic functioning of IT help desk services needs to have the ability to provide technical support to get an end-user back into functioning mode. As a matter of best practice, outsourced help desk support usually utilizes special software to record, track, and manage issues raised. Additionally, the guidance involved in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology is leveraged for optimal representation.

Some of the features of an effective IT help desk services are:-

1. Tracking capability for all incoming incidents.

2. Functions as a single point of Contact (SPOC) for IT support.

3. Offers basic problem management, contains issue escalation procedures to specialty group for higher degree incidents.

4. Concentrates on issues and incidents of end-users.

5. Maintains a database of all reported incidents and actions taken.

6. Ability to create reports on the number of issues, response time, resolution time, and other such parameters such as Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The importance of managed Help desk services/IT help desk services:-

1. Customer satisfaction – A good help desk improves customer satisfaction if it is actively responsive, consistently assists users, and goes the extra mile in service delivery of technical support. This assists with the company’s goals and promotes the growth of its business by expanding the number of returning clients.

2. Improvement in Service Quality – The help desk acts as the first place for reducing customer complaints, issues and problems. Outsourced help desk support should not one try to resolve the issues but they are also responsible for keeping track of all complaints, their type and recurrence level.

3. Improvement in productivity – Besides recording complaints, the IT help desk services also performs tasks of complaint management and resolution. By utilizing various procedures such as complaint ticketing, they effectively manage and direct complaints to their desired resolution centers. This gives transparency, stops confusion at the workplace, and also decreases the time needed for the resolution of the problem. All these factors enhance operational time and efficiency and result in greater productivity.

4. Cost savings – Any process or procedures is worth implementing only if it results in cost-saving for the company in the long term. Running an IT help desk services requires human resources, software’s and hardware’s resulting in added costs. However, these explicit costs are off-set by higher implicit return through improvement in productivity, increase in quality, customer satisfaction, etc. Moreover, offering scalability and expertise, an experienced outsourced IT support company providing IT help desk support will be able to provide more cost efficiencies than an in-house set-up.

5. Quality – Outsourced IT Support Company has specialized help-desk support providing improvements in quality of services accompanied by a reduction in response time and complaint resolution.

6. Resource optimization – Outsourcing the IT help desk services to outsourced IT support companies allows internal allocation of manpower and other resources towards the core competency of the business. This facilitates greater productivity and concentrates on mission-critical exercises.

7. Scalability – An in-house IT help desk services could consume investment, time and resources when the demand for these services increases. The difficulty is considerably reduced when the work is outsourced, as in this case only the types and parameters of assistance need to be renewed.

8. Disaster Recovery – Outsourcing is a proper plan for firm succession outlining, as the enterprises delivery and availability to its users is unhindered, in the face of dangers and possibilities.

Hence, by enabling IT users of the business to work more efficiently, IT help desk services have become an essential service for technical support in many leading enterprises. If internal productivity will be compromised by establishing an IT help desk services with existing resources, Outsourced help desk support is a viable solution for long term benefit.