VSA Tasks

These are some of the tasks which a VSA can assist you with your business productivity.
Server Monitoring:
  • Virtual System Admin can perform daily monitoring and remediation tasks through alerts generated by your RMM
  • Finding and analyzing critical event logs and root cause deduction
  • Understanding patterns in error or alert generation and compiling a historical overview of critical issues.
  • Servicing and health auditing tasks along with continuous patch management of your IT infrastructure.
  • Tuning thresholds for critical events for multiple components like processor, storage, memory, network utilization and more.
  • Following best practices and industry standards for all remediation, monitoring and documentation tasks.
Backup and Disaster Recovery:
  • Installation and configuration of backup solutions
  • Completely vendor-agnostic and support across multiple solutions and platforms
  • Assessment of your environment in terms of your backup needs and deploying solutions to match your needs.
  • Performing regular updates and health checks
  • Complete Disaster Recovery Management
  • Setting up backup thresholds and alerts and comprehensive documentation
AV/Security Management:
  • Security and AV management encompassing deployment, configuration and maintenance
  • Looking after definition updates and licensing status of AV clients.
  • Regular cleanup and ensuring optimal health of infected assets
  • Sharing best practices with end-users and other staff regarding computer security and threat management.
Directory Services:
  • Complete management of your domain infrastructure.
  • End-to-End assistance with migration and transitioning of your Active Directory infrastructure across multiple platforms
  • User and Identity Management
  • Deploying and troubleshooting issues related to group policies
  • Managing folder redirections and roaming profiles.
  • DFS, File Access issues and much more.
  • Managing account lockouts
  • Troubleshooting critical and advanced issues such as USN rollbacks, lingering objects, orphaned DC removal, secure channel fix, replication issues, FSMO placement etc.
Microsoft Messaging / Exchange:
  • Installation and configuration of Microsoft Exchange which includes end-to-end deployment right from scratch to working production setup.
  • Migration of On-prem to On-Prem Exchange and On-Prem to Hosted Messaging Solutions including Office 365,Sherweb etc.
  • Managing and configuring users encompassing email address policies, Send As/Send On Behalf Permissions, forwarding settings, discovery management, mailbox tuning etc.
  • Client Access Issues covering some of the most complex issues with EWS, ActiveSync, OWA, Autodiscover, Outlook Connectivity etc.
  • Mailbox management
  • Regulating message hygiene including spam monitoring, domain blacklisting issues, mail rejections, NDRs, header tracing.
  • Exchange Database Management right from transition, health maintenance, corruption recovery, defragmentation, mailbox import/export and recovery.
  • Smart host configuration and co-existence setup.
  • Maintaining IIS services and dependant technologies like Sharepoint.
  • Certificate issues
  • Troubleshooting IIS site access issues.
  • Troubleshooting certificate issues with IIS and deploying 3rd party certificates
Patch Management:
  • Configuring, scheduling and monitoring patch installation on client’s assets.
  • Continuous monitoring and remediation of outdated patches and performing upgrades according to stipulated schedules.
  • Integration with inhouse or client’s RMM like GFI, Labtech etc for leveraging better automation with plugins like Ninite Pro, AppCare, PatchMyPC for seamless and automated patch management.
  • Sending Comprehensive reports for daily, weekly and monthly patch