VSA Services

ConcordantOne Tech’s staffing service provides highly skilled and qualified IT administrators from our India hub. MSPs across the world can avail of our VSA services to cut down costs and improve service delivery experience to their clients.

Network Monitoring Outsourcing

With our Virtual Systems Admins, you can re-calibrate the efficiencies of your in-house IT team into high value projects, while we handle the rest of the customers’ infrastructure on behalf of your company. This way you can concentrate on your core client accounts, while still maintain a fruitful business relationship with others with our help.
We are committed to building a dependable pool of IT administrators and skilled VSA staff. We ensure to pick the best of best just for your MSP and your protocols, with extensive training and rigorous assessment. They have past exposure to global operations in companies like Dell, IBM, Microsoft, HP and Symantec and their experience comes in of immense value.
Our staff’s invaluable experience, the state-of-the-art India-based infrastructure and a high degree of customisation makes our VSA service a much desired service for MSPs across the globe. Right from designing new networks to research on new products, from most NOC operations to technical helpdesk, we are capable of these and much more.

From designing new networks to research on new products, from most NOC operations to technical helpdesk, VSAs can perform all tasks with ease.


Why VSA services from ConcordantOne Tech?

  • Allocate more critical project to your in-house team
  • Maintain high quality response time and SLA while effective being economical
  • Harness the prowess of qualified professionals based in India
  • Avail of wide range of IT competencies such as alert management and network auditing


Advantages of utilising our VSA services

  • Exclusive Engineer – The PoC can work either full time or part time based on your business need.
  • Availability – Be it holidays or weekend, we are there beside you to take the hassle out of continuous IT uptime.
  • Versatility – Be it desktop administration, server setup or monitoring fluctuations, the different roles that our engineers can perform provides true value for money for your investment.
  • Servicing capabilities They can handle security solutions from multiple vendors such as Sonic Wall, Symantec, Draytek, Cyberoam, ISA, TMG, UAG, Sophos, etc.
  • Strong experience – The engineers are trained beforehand on your protocols, systems and set so that they can dive right in after the comprehensive on-boarding
  • Eminence in servicing : We offer the services of an L3 Engineer (with proficiency in Exchange, SQL, VMware, Virtualizatio, Directory Services, Windows Clusters, Disaster recovery, and Storage).

VSA Task List



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