Virtualization Solutions

Among the key enterprise challenges faced in leveraging managed IT solutions are curtailing redundancy and enabling cost-effective solutions for the IT infrastructure through scalability and highly responsive resource provisioning. With the inclusion of regulatory and compliance needs, balancing this malleable sort of architecture in a virtualized environment becomes a painstaking endeavor. With the onset of cloud computing, service-based software consumption and virtualization, the thin line between hardware and software-driven services seems to have become increasingly ambiguous for more and more businesses around the globe.
Our team leverages small and medium sized businesses to make the leap into the virtualized space and incorporate virtual and cloud services into your daily operational framework by implementation of structured, proven and streamlined approach which would enable a completely seamless transition of your business.
Virtualization Solutions

Network Virtualization and Monitoring

Enables your business to pool in all your network resources and provision and manage bandwidth according to the requirement, hence allowing you to keep close tabs on what’s happening within your network infrastructure and simplify your network bandwidth allocation.

Application and Desktop Virtualization

The beauty of application virtualization is the ability to provision software and apps without tampering with the registry or file structure on the host computer. In an enterprise scenario, there is constant inclusion of new applications stacking on top of the old ones, creating an overtly complex chain of chaotic mess. Eventually, this turns out to be a complete nightmare when the bigger questions like compliance and standardization are brought into the picture. Enter Application and Desktop virtualization, which helps in achieving a more agile, flexible and Service-Oriented Architecture (SoA). This allows significant cost reduction and provides a much more consistent platform for rolling out apps without worries about any post-deployment support and servicing.

Server Virtualization

One of the most fascinating ideas of server virtualization is the complete isolation of the physical hardware and the virtual machines running on top of it with absolutely platform independence and scalability. This architecture is facilitated by the hypervisor which drives this entire abstracted model of what we call server virtualization. As the requirements soar up, additional hosts are brought in and combined to provide advanced features like clustering, high availability, live migration, cluster aware updating and a lot more.

Data Virtualization

With the ever-increasing demand to consume and store increasing amount of data, storage has become increasingly complex over the past decade. Data virtualization eliminates all the complexities involved by pooling together various storage media and building a SAN architecture which enables unified and simplified access obfuscating all the granular technicalities hence making the end-user experience much more manageable.


These are some of the business benefits:

  • Reduce infrastructure costs by 50%
  • Free up physical data center space
  • Release up to 75% of existing capacity
  • Cut down your IT cost significantly
  • Maximize operational deliverables
  • Streamline and standardize your present IT infrastructure
  • Increase business agility with implementation times cut by 50%
  • Reduce environmental impact with electricity consumption cut by 60%
  • Improve business continuity with zero downtime for maintenance
  • Reduce Disaster Recovery costs and recovery times



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