Outsourcing NOC to India- skills & expertise with cost efficiency

India has been quite an interesting nation to invest in from the perspective of an employer in the global scenario because of its number of reasons. Some want it because of its significant cost savings, i.e. it is cost effective to hire a team of outsourced experts, than to hire a full time in-house employee, […]

Competitive advantages of NOC for MSPs

Advantages of a proactive MSP alert management and routine maintenance task to an outsourced NOC has multiple benefits. Some of them are monetary some are ambitious. There are a number of jobs that a good NOC service will provide that could help you get more clients/business on board as well as ease the burden on […]

NOC much more than a help desk – NOC is not a Helpdesk

A lot of times there is a confusion in the companies in the market who have a general understanding about a NOC being a help desk and reducing its role and importance to a help desk. Not to say that the role of a help desk is any day less than any other service, but […]

Remote network monitoring services- Using in-house resources to an optimum level

ConcordantOne Tech has been integrating technologies with the work spaces at both national and international levels that has taken care of the nitty gritty of everyday problems and come up with innovative solutions that fits well with the local context of the corporations. With our extensive research base and networks with the global technical experts […]

Guarding your network day in and day out – After Hours NOC support for MSPs

The nature of today’s business and work spaces has become such that it is not possible to bear losses of even the miniscule of time. These losses reflect in the profits you could generate in over a period of time as well as hamper the functioning of your everyday business routines and credibility. However, the […]


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