Why SMBs should consider shared CIO services.

Your small or mid-size business likely contracts out its office cleaning services, depends on third parties to deliver its overnight documents or products, and pays good money to an accounting firm to handle its tax and audit work. It may even use outsiders to handle H.R. functions from recruitment to payroll management, and even benefits […]

How to kick start your MSP Sales.

You can probably deploy a few hundred virtual machines with your eyes closed, but one of the real challenges for MSPs is attracting potential new clients. Many MSPs complains that they are not been able to obtain their desired sales number, struggling to close deals, losing out profitable deals to competitors and though monthly recurring […]

Why perform an “IT Infrastructure” Audit?

For any organization to survive in the cut throat competition with other businesses, need to invest in what is called “Information Technology” to ensures data availability, integrity, and confidentiality. However, with the increase of internal and external threats, the IT system of a business could be exposed to potential risks. This is one of the […]

Ways to disaster proof your critical business data

  According to International Data Corporation’s Digital Universe Study, in 2012, less than a fifth of the world’s data was protected, despite 35 percent requiring such actions. Levels of data protection are significantly lagging behind the expansion in volume. while most IT executives and data management experts acknowledge that there isn’t one failsafe solution to […]

Choosing the right firewall for your small business

  According to CNN Money, nearly one million malware threats are released every day. Some malware can be prevented with a good firewall. As a small company, understanding firewalls for your business is a mandatory and unavoidable task to achieve your IT Utopia. If you’re not sure where to start, there are some key questions […]


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