Guide to ITIL Problem Management

  Problem management is one aspect of ITIL implementation that is a headache for many organizations. The difficulty lies in the similarity between incident management and problem management. The two processes are so closely aligned that differentiating the activities can become difficult for ITIL neophytes. The aim of incident management is to restore the services […]

Essential steps for Successful Incident Management

  Incident Management is a key component to the success of your business. It never hurts to go back to basics. For successful incident management, first you need a process – repeatable sequence of steps and procedures. Such a process may include four broad categories of steps: detection, diagnosis, repair, and recovery. 1 – Detection […]

Key Elements of a Disaster Recovery Plan

There are a number of risks that your business could face each day. Whilst it’s important to plan for natural disasters such as fires and floods these events do not pose a regular threat. There needs to be focus given to events that have a higher and more frequent chance of occurring.  There are a […]

How SMB can monetize Internet of Things to the fullest

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been forecast to be larger and more significant than the emergence of laptops, mobiles, and tablets, all put together. However, in spite of the IoT’s enormous popularity and growth, most organizations fail to cash in on the service revenues from their IoT solutions.  Companies should bear in mind that […]

How to Implement a Risk-Free Cloud Based IT Strategy

The cloud is almost irresistible. Modern business operations are rapidly moving towards technology dependent infrastructures where agility is at the core of the strategy. Early adoption of new enabling technologies can be an important manoeuvre to outflank your competitors and get ahead of the curve, but it’s not a race. You need to implement a […]


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