After Hours NOC Support

Providing IT support for your customer’s network whilst you are away.

If you are not monitoring your customers network 24 by 7, there will be a delay in response time during your off production hours which will hamper your business credibility and business growth on a long run.

“Our after-hours alert monitoring service is reasonably priced and will meet your exact business requirements” – We understand that you may not need 24 by 7 coverage and the higher costs associated with that, hence you do not need the full-fledged service as you have a fulltime in-house team to take care of your MSP requirements. However at the same time your MSP do not work 24 by 7 and you only get to the alerts the next day morning, alerts that are pending from a night before, sometimes leading to extended downtime for your customers. “Typically in this situation our After-hours support would be a perfect fit to meet your business requirements and maximise uptime for your customers”.

After hours NOC support


If you are looking for someone to monitor alerts during your off production/off business hours, our after-hours support will be the right solution. With our after-hours support you not only have the feasibility to monitor servers 24 by 7 but also know the fact that a capable and dedicated team is taking care of alerts whilst you are away.

What you Get?

  • 12 hours of alert monitoring each day. Throughout the month.
  • SLAs – Response time within 5 minutes.
  • Alert validation and Complete Remediation
  • Ticket escalation to appropriate resource via phone
  • Reporting of all critical alerts via phone to designated resource.

How it Works?

  • Setup your systems to send us alert notification for any 12 hours of the day.
  • Our NOC team will monitor and triage the alerts within 5 minutes.
  • Login Credentials for your tools – We need access to your RMM to connect to the remote machines and PSA to document tickets.
  • NOC team will validate all the alerts and close the invalid ones.
  • NOC team will provide tier1 support for all valid alerts.
  • If valid alerts not resolved by tier1, it will be escalated to designated resource.
  • NOC team will provide phone call notification for all critical alerts.
  • All tickets will be completely documented and will contain each detail verified by NOC and possible things to check.

Benefits of Our After Hours Support:-

  • Complete Peace of Mind. You can rely on us and can provide complete coverage to your customers 24 by 7 even whilst you are away.
  • Maximise uptime for your customers.
  • Your team will have to run through fewer tickets when they are back at office.
  • Flexible and customized service levels and customer satisfaction.
  • Flexibility to choose any 12 hours of the day.

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